Sustainability & Impact

Be A Part Of The Change

Align with ELT and step forward into a sustainable future. Together, we can redefine textile re-use and textile recycling, uplift communities, and protect our planet. Let’s transform intent into impact.

Protecting Our Planet, One Textile at a Time

Leading The Charge In Sustainable Textile Practices

At ELT, our ethos is deeply rooted in environmental sustainability. By redirecting textile waste away from landfills, we actively combat the mounting global waste issue. Our rigorous processes ensure that every piece of clothing finds a second life, be it in Africa, Asia and Europe. Our commitment goes beyond business – it’s about safeguarding our planet for future generations. Through collaboration with charity shops local authorities and waste management agencies, we’re driving impactful change, promoting sustainable practices, and reducing our carbon footprint. Embrace the ELT vision – where eco-consciousness meets global outreach.

Bridging Economies with Every Thread.

From UK To The World: Clothing With A Purpose

At ELT, our mission transcends beyond textile re-use and textile recycling; we’re fostering economic growth in countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia. Every item of recycled clothing we distribute not only reduces waste but also fuels local businesses, supports families, and revitalises economies. Our global outreach has given rise to countless micro-entrepreneurs, creating job opportunities and uplifting communities. Through our network, we’re ensuring that every textile holds value, both economically and socially. Dive into the ELT narrative – where each garment fosters progress and prosperity.

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