Meticulous Sorting Practices for Optimal Reuse and Worldwide Distribution.

Sorting And Distribution

ELT has revolutionised the art of textile sorting, turning it into a precise science. Every article of clothing, pair of shoes, and bric-a-brac that comes through our doors undergoes a rigorous sorting process, ensuring they find their ideal second home. By understanding the varied needs of markets from Eastern Europe to Africa, and Asia, we ensure that every item reaches its highest potential use.

Our advanced distribution network, rooted in strong partnerships and market insights, guarantees that these textiles find their way into communities eager for quality recycled clothing. This intricate process not only greatly reduces the environmental impact on landfills but also promotes sustainable clothing consumption across the globe.

Join us in our mission to connect global communities through textile re-use and textile recycling and empower individuals with quality, affordable clothing choices.

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