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Commercial Collaborations with Local Councils, Fashion Retail & Management Companies

Powering a Greener Tomorrow through Joint Initiatives.

Collaborations With Local Councils, Fashion Retail And Commercial Management Companies.

In our ongoing commitment to spearhead sustainable textile re-use and textile recycling, ELT proudly collaborates with local councils and leading management companies. We’ve forged partnerships that not only fuel our operations but also deeply resonate with our shared ethos of community betterment and ecological responsibility.

Every partnership is tailored to suit the unique needs and visions of each council, fashion retail or management entity. By working closely with these organisations, we ensure optimised textile collection, efficient recycling processes, and the maximum diversion of waste from landfills.

Join us in our shared mission of driving sustainable change, one partnership at a time. Together, we’re making a tangible difference in the textile re-use and textile recycling landscape.


Initative Collections

We develop a collection services to meet the needs of clients

Accurate Reporting

We report on how you are doing with collecting used goods.

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