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ELT-Global: Transforming the textiles landscape with a global vision

East London Textiles Ltd (ELT) proudly announced its exciting rebranding as ELT-Global on 1 March 2024, marking a strategic move to connect and enhance its operations in Europe and Africa. This transformation signifies ELT’s commitment to supporting global markets and promoting the environmental benefits of textile reuse.

ELT-Global recognizes that in an interconnected world, collaboration is key to sustainable practices. By expanding its reach across continents, the company aims to contribute not only to environmental preservation but also to the economic development of African nations.


  • Global expansion: ELT-Global extends its footprint to Europe and Africa, fostering collaboration on textile reuse initiatives.
  • Environmental commitment: Emphasizing the importance of reuse over disposal, ELT-Global advocates for a circular economy and reduced environmental impact.
  • African economic support: ELT-Global believes in empowering the African economy through sustainable practices, supporting local communities.

Explore our global journey – visit our new website elt-global.com to discover the transformative initiatives and collaborations driving ELT-Global’s global vision. ELT-Global invites partners, stakeholders, and eco-conscious individuals to join in this journey towards a more sustainable and interconnected future.

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