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Bridging the Past with the Future, One Textile at a Time

A Journey From Vision To Global Impact

At the heart of ELT Global Textiles lies a story woven from ambition, resilience, and innovation. Our narrative begins over 25 years ago when Mark Lewonowski and partner, a passionate entrepreneur  with a keen eye for untapped potential, observed the vast amounts of clothing going unnoticed in charity shops.

With a drive to create secure income streams for these charities and recognising the boundless opportunities within textile re-use and textile recycling, Mark founded ELT. Thevision? To redefine the way we perceive discarded clothing, turning them into opportunities for both environmental sustainability and international community enrichment.

Under Mark’s leadership, ELT swiftly grew, partnering with leading charities, city councils, and waste management companies. Today, as we sort, recycle, and export to regions like Africa, Asia and Europe. we remember our humble beginnings and the vision that set us on this path.

As pioneers in textile re-use and textile recycling, our history isn’t just about the past. It’s about the future we’re building for sustainable textile reuse, reducing waste, and the global impact of our shared efforts.

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A Tapestry of Commitment, Sustainability, and Community Impact

Weaving A Sustainable Tomorrow Through Textile Re-Use And Textile Recycling

Vision: At ELT , we aspire to a world where every piece of textile is valued—where “waste” is but a relic of the past. We visualise a plan et where discarded garments find new homes and purposes, advocating for a more sustainable and resourceful future.

Mission: Our core endeavor lies in advancing the textile re-use and textile recycling frontier. By creating secure income channels for charities, supporting local councils, and collaborating with other businesses, we aim to reduce environmental strain. Our mission isn’t merely to recycle but to reshape global perspectives on textile reuse, fostering awareness and change.


  • Integrity: We value every partnership, ensuring transparent transactions and fostering trust with our global network of charities, businesses, and end consumers.
  • Innovation: With a legacy rooted in Mark Lewonowski's pioneering spirit, we continually embrace novel approaches to enhance our processes and services.
  • Community: ELT is not just a business; it's a global family. From our partners in charity shops to the end consumers in Africa, Asia and Europe. we believe in uplifting every member of our community.
  • Sustainability: We stand at the forefront of ecological responsibility, championing sustainable practices in every facet of our operations, from collecting to exporting.

Navigating the Threads of Sustainable Operations Across Continents

Textile Re-Use And Textile Recycling: A Global Tapestry Of Transformation

At the heart of ELT lies an operational rhythm that is both vast and intricate. Rooted in the vibrant boroughs of London, our influence and impact spread across continents, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and ecological preservation.

Operations: ELT’s seamless operations begin with the meticulous collection of donated clothing, shoes, and bric-a-brac from trusted charity shops, responsible waste management companies, and local council clothing banks. Our state-of-the-art sorting centers in the UK and mainland Europe then categorise and prepare these items, ensuring maximum reuse and minimal landfill impact. Through our diligent processes, we offer charities a dependable revenue stream, turning potential waste into financial empowerment.

Global Outreach: With a focus on textile re-use and textile recycling, our network extends to markets in Europe, Africa and Asia. By furnishing these regions with quality recycled clothing, we not only divert textiles from landfills but also bolster local economies and fashion landscapes. Our international clientele ranges from individual sellers to expansive networks, a testament to our robust and far-reaching distribution channels.

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Crafting a Sustainable Tomorrow, Together.

Join Hands With Leaders In Textile Re-Use And Textile Recycling

Embark on a partnership journey with ELT, where every thread we recycle crafts a positive imprint on our environment. Together, let’s redefine waste management and amplify the potential of every garment. Elevate your impact. Become a partner with ELT.

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