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About ELT-Global

Empowering Charities, Reducing Waste, and Making Global Impact

At ELT-Global, our commitment goes beyond the boundaries of conventional business. For over a quarter of a century, we’ve been at the forefront of the textile re-use and textile recycling industry, making a lasting difference not just to our environment but to communities worldwide.

Our foundation was laid by Mark Lewonowski, who recognised the untapped potential in charity shop donations. Today, our mission has evolved to become a beacon of sustainability, ensuring that every piece of clothing finds a new home, reduces landfill waste, and contributes to a more sustainable and connected global ecosystem.

Partnering with major charities and local councils, our operational excellence has transformed the way ‘charity shops, local authorities, fashion retailers and commercial partners’ companies view textile re-use and textile recycling (it is worthy to mentions of any other streams of collecting tactiles : take back). Beyond business, it’s about creating secure income streams for charities and offering high-quality recycled clothing to communities across Europe, Africa and Asia.

Join us in redefining the boundaries of textile re-use and textile recycling and creating a sustainable future.

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Trusted Clients


Collection Point


Years Of Experience


Tonnes Collected


We Give Life To Used Textiles


Initative Collections

We develop a collection services to meet the needs of clients

Accurate Reporting

We report on how you are doing with collecting used goods.

Experienced Sorters

Through years of experience we meticulously sort for reuse.

Recycling Future

Research and dedication to sourcing recycling solutions.

Interested in partnering with a leader in textile re-use and textile recycling? Discover Our Services


Our Sorted Products Meet the Needs of Our Clients.

By listening to the needs of our clients we are able to ensure that our products meet the needs of the customers they are serving.

Number Of Grades


Simple Step To Get Recycling?

Preloved Goods

Items which have been used but no longer wanted.

Give To A Reuse Merchant

Give the items to a company which will sustainably manage them

Reuse Or Recycle

Items sorted for either reuse or recycling

New Life Old Things

Items passed to fine their new purpose.

Pioneers in Sustainable Textile
Re-Use And Textile Recycling

Collections for Recycling & Reuse

At ELT, we pride ourselves on offering impeccable collection services ensuring that every item is given a second chance at life.

Sorting And Distribution

Our advanced distribution network, rooted in strong partnerships and market insights, guarantees that these textiles find their way into communities eager for quality recycled clothing.

Exporting To Global Markets

At ELT, we don’t just recycle textiles — we give them a new lease on life across international boundaries. Recognising the global demand for quality, reusableclothing,

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